Has capturing your family’s history been a challenge? 

See how these services can help change all that.

No more will family letters crumble with age,
photos be buried in the basement, or aging parents pass on
before their stories are recorded and saved.


Professional Services

We design custom experiences to help each family create a museum-quality archive. Enjoy the benefits of having your own creative team along with concierge support to help you capture and preserve your legacy in the most compelling and engaging way possible. We do this in four simple steps: curate, catalog, capture, and celebrate.


Curate Your Legacy

Your legacy resonates with rich descriptions of life’s experiences. It’s your values, beliefs, traditions, and heritage, all of which are wrapped up in the moments you share with your loved ones and the precious artifacts that hold those memories. Our team is here to help you curate and archive every piece of your legacy for generations to come.


Each family enjoys the benefit of having a dedicated curator who oversees the execution of your archive from professional setup to revealing the finished product. Your curator is committed to ensuring that all services are completed on time and to your satisfaction.


As a new member to FamilyArc, you will be welcomed with an orientation meeting, in person or over the phone. Your curator will walk through the various features and services in your archive package and answer any questions you have.

Archive Design

Your archivist will provide the professional setup and design for your family archive. This includes photo, video, and audio uploads; story layouts; and file organization. Our archivists will organize your memories in a way that makes telling your story easy and meaningful.

Catalog the Past

Sorting through decades of photos, documents, and other memorabilia can be extremely overwhelming. We take care of the heavy lifting by providing you with the best options for preserving your precious artifacts, freeing you to share and enjoy all of life’s most important moments.


Our technicians preserve your memories by capturing digital images of your physical artifacts on-site, converting all media types (photos, documents, audio cassettes, VHS tapes, film, slides, or reels) to a digital format, and uploading to your Library. 


In addition to uploading your digital media, our technicians will organize your printed photos into acid-free archival albums for long-term preservation. You will receive a flash drive of the digital versions of all artifacts along with your originals.


Our experienced genealogists conduct research based on your family’s specific historical inquiries. Records and research will be organized in your archive in a meaningful way for viewing by current and future generations.

Capture the Moments

The best stories are vivid collections of text, photos, videos, and artifacts, which are carefully integrated and beautifully arranged. Our creative team consists of biographers, photographers, and videographers who are passionate about helping you capture your values and legacy through written and visual storytelling.


Our professional writers and editors are experts at interviewing families in order to share their memories and values through well-crafted, compelling stories. Written stories are paired with photos on your archive to create an engaging timeline of your family’s history.


Our professional photographers capture your beautiful family moments through portrait and lifestyle photography sessions, on location or in the studio. Your high-resolution images will be edited and uploaded to your archive, as well as presented to you on a flash drive.


Great films bring to life the narratives we know and love. Our videographers will work with your family to combine interviews, photos, and footage into a priceless documentary showcasing your life and values. We are here to ensure a seamless experience from script writing and storyboarding to production and beyond.

Celebrate the Memories

We would love to assist your family in revealing and celebrating the progress made in archiving your family history. From private dinners to grand family reunions, there are so many wonderful ways to commemorate our loved ones.


Your curator can reveal your completed archive to immediate family members through a one-hour private video conference in your home or a location of your choice. Or, let us host a larger event with your friends and extended family, where you enjoy beverages and hors d’oeuvres while reliving your memories together.


Capture your family’s next reunion, wedding, retirement or anniversary party, or other milestone event through written stories, photography, digitizing, and more. Our creative professionals can attend your event in-person or complete services remotely afterward. It’s the perfect way to make a special day even more memorable.


Following your reveal, our editorial team can compile your memories into a physical book that your family will enjoy as you continue to build and preserve your legacy into the future. Publishing services include editing, formatting, cover design, and printing.


Preserve your legacy with FamilyArc today.