Linville Family Case Study

The Linville Family: Bringing Memories to Life

Randy Linville believes in the value of building and preserving family memories. That’s why he journals every week, why he sorts out his favorite photos at the end of each year, and why he takes his family on international trips as often as possible.

With more than a decade’s worth of favorite photos and six years of weekly journals, Randy had a wealth of memories, insights, and values to pass on to his two kids. However, his family didn’t have access to that content—most of which was stored solely on Randy’s personal devices—and the demands of Randy’s schedule as a father, a CEO, and a board member for a number of organizations made it obvious that he lacked the time he needed to organize and preserve his memories.

“In our family, I’m the one who likes to take pictures—not because I’m good at it but because I want to memorialize the occasion,” Randy said. “I got in the mode of capturing pictures, thinking I would do something with them when a rainy day came along. Ten years later, I had 10,000 or more pictures.”

FamilyArc provided one central, private location for Randy to share his memories and stories with his family, and our team of creative professionals came alongside him to make his vision for creating a meaningful, accessible family legacy into a reality.

Designing the Archive 

The FamilyArc team worked with Randy to gather more than 2,500 digital photos from his personal devices and upload them to one location on his archive’s Library. Archivists then designed his photos into visual stories and organized them along an interactive timeline on the archive’s Storyline. Randy’s daughter, Grace, doesn’t particularly love having Dad take her photo all the time. But after seeing her favorite photos on her family’s archive, she began to view things differently.

“When Grace looked at the Storyline, she said, ‘Dad, you’re a really good photographer.’ It was a totally different kind of feedback,” Randy said. “And then she got to see the Storyline of our family from when she was little—things she had forgotten about—to today. She got to see the benefit of capturing family photos, and the vision I had of what our archive could be.”

Adding Meaningful Context

FamilyArc’s biographer team interviewed Randy about his once-in-a-lifetime trips and wrote a series of stories capturing his memories and his insights about how each journey impacted his family. An archivist paired the stories with photos, created story collections, and organized them along an interactive timeline.

“Our family made a conscious decision to build family memories through travel, and now the archive—which brings the pictures into albums and puts them with stories—really brings that part of our intentional living to life,” Randy said.

Making History Accessible 

Before now, Randy’s kids had never seen the journals he created each week. All they knew was that Dad disappeared into his office for a couple of hours each Sunday morning. To make Randy’s journals accessible to his family, archivists organized them in chronological order and turned the journals into visually appealing stories on Storyline. Now, Randy’s kids will be able to access Dad’s thoughts, prayers, and insights from anywhere for years to come.

“FamilyArc lets you take your content and share it within your family circle,” Randy said. “It creates a family network. It goes from my tablet to the cloud, and then you can share it with whomever you want. That’s exponential—it is incredibly more useful.”

Randy has found his experience with the FamilyArc platform and professional services to be rewarding and fun. And he knows the work is far from over. He has many more ideas for building his archive and helping other family members catch his vision for preserving family legacy along the way.

“Over time, ideally, others will add to the archive and build it out in their own custom way, and that’s when it will really come to life.”

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