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What You Need to Know About the Facebook Privacy Copyright Hoax

There has been a lot of confusion around a Facebook rumor that began circulating this week for the second time since several years ago. The rumor posited that you must pay a subscription fee in order to keep your profile private, and the only way out of doing so was to copy and paste a copyright message as your status, refusing Facebook the right to own your content.

As you may have learned, the rumor was merely a hoax. However, you may still be confused about your rights as a Facebook user. If so, with this article, we’d like to help clear up any confusion you may have.

The first, and most important point we should make is that Facebook does not own your content. Any photos, videos and content you post to the social network still belong to you. However, under its terms, Facebook does have the right to use it any way they see fit.

According to social media expert and Washington-area attorney and blogger, Brad Shear, “when you agree to Facebook’s terms of use you provide Facebook a “non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any content you post.”

That means photos, videos and status updates are fair game. Even if you set the items to private, so that anyone outside of your network of friends is unable to view or share them, Facebook still collects personal data about its users, and may sell it to advertisers for profit.

Facebook also compresses your photos and videos to allow for more space on their network, which compromises their quality. If you’re a professional photographer, or have recently acquired a collection of photos from a photographer you paid to capture an important life event, you may want to think twice about using Facebook as your storage platform. If you decide to share your memories there, be sure to retain copies of each full-size, uncompressed photo somewhere safe and secure, such as a private archive through FamilyArc.

At FamilyArc, Your privacy is our top priority. This is our promise to you:

FamilyArc’s platform is geo-redundant and built with the highest standards of private security to ensure your archive is safe and secure for generations to come. Your archive is only accessible by family members you invite to join, and you maintain the rights to your content. FamilyArc will never mine, share, or distribute your personal data without your permission. And we don’t compromise the quality of your media.

Professional photographers and videographers love using FamilyArc to store their clients’ photos and videos, and those clients are very happy to have all of their data accessible from one central online location.

If you do not agree with Facebook’s stated policies, you can avoid the social network altogether, try to negotiate a modified policy with Facebook on your own terms, or lobby for them to amend their policies through the network’s Site Governance section. None of these guarantee you’ll find the solution you’re hoping for, however. And because of the connections it allows us to foster with family and friends, most of us don’t want to completely do away with Facebook altogether (and that’s not at all what we’re advocating here).

Your stories and memories will become a part of the lasting legacy you intend to leave. If you’re looking for a private, secure way to archive those memories, FamilyArc is the solution.

And if you still use Facebook to publicly connect with family and friends who may also be confused about the copyright hoax, please follow us and share this post on your timeline.

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