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Three Good Reasons To Create a Digital Archive For Your Family

Once upon a time, we all saved most everything on paper: calendars, stories, shopping lists, photos, and so much more. It worked pretty well; we could usually find a scrap of paper and a pencil. And then the scraps of paper had to be filed in a box or a binder, and then we had to recall where the binder was, and then we had to create some way of sorting them all out. Over time, the photos started to fade, or we forgot to identify who the guy with the big bushy beard was. And then life seemed to keep getting busier, and one day there was a flood in the basement when the storm drain backed up and the boxes of paper got soaked.

Years of treasured mementos were gone.

Fortunately, digital archiving came along to help with all of that. It may sound a bit scary to those of us who loved those boxes of paper, but it’s really pretty simple.

To digitize something is to convert it from analog into digital format. An example would be scanning a photograph to create a digital copy, which is stored on a computer. This is essentially the first step in digital preservation. To digitally preserve something is to maintain it over a long period of time.

“Archives” are accumulations of historical records. Usually they are of enduring value, with the intent of preserving them for a long time, perhaps generations.

With the right technology, those digital archives will last virtually forever, and can be easily shared with any person who has an Internet connection and the required permissions to access.

This is the beauty of FamilyArc. It allows you and your family to easily contribute and share these treasured family memories in a secure digital archive that is virtually impervious to any natural or man-made disaster. Technology allows us to keep those precious family reunion photos exactly as they were taken for generations to come. And the mountains of treasures can be easily indexed for finding them; no more hunting through boxes of paper in hopes of finding that one vital document.

We can easily add digital images, whether stories, photos, audio or video, as our lives change. And we will never run out of storage boxes.

FamilyArc subscribers can do all this themselves if they wish, and have modest technical skills. They can also engage the professionals at FamilyArc to assist them.

Secure, sharable, updatable: three good reasons to use our digital archive platform.

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