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7 Things to Do at a Family Reunion

Group Of Families Enjoying Outdoor Meal At Home

Do you have a family reunion coming up this summer? Reunions can be plenty of fun, but unfortunately, they often turn into events half of the family dreads. Here are seven things to do at a family reunion to prevent boredom, encourage family interaction, and make your next reunion an event to remember.

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Building a Family Legacy Trust | Benefits & Important Considerations

3 generations of hands

Also known as a Dynasty Trust, a generation-skipping Family Legacy Trust is a way to provide for your family long after you've passed away. The Legacy Trust is becoming increasingly popular among wealthy families, particularly because it can provide a source of income for generations to come by ensuring your most valuable assets are securely and effectively passed down to your children and grandchildren.

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Family Wealth Planning: 6 Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisors

Couple Talking With Financial Advisor In Office

Planning for the future is important, so of course, it’s also important to choose who you will trust to plan for that future. Picking a financial advisor is an important step in wealth planning and building a family legacy, but unfortunately, many people make this decision without asking the right questions. Here are six questions we recommend you ask before choosing your financial advisor.

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