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Museum-Quality Family Archives | What Makes FamilyArc Different?

According to Merriam-Webster, a museum is defined as “an institution devoted to the procurement, care, study, and display of objects of lasting interest or value.”

At FamilyArc, we’re devoted to the preservation of family history, and we’re here to help you pass on your family’s legacy. We’ve created a museum-quality family archives platform because we think your stories, memories, and values should be handled with the highest care and preserved for generations to come.

Here are a few things that make FamilyArc the place for your family’s history.

We’re more than a storage unit.

FamilyArc’s Library allows you to preserve all of your important digital files, but storage is only a small part of what we do. Our hope for archiving your digital files is twofold. First, we want to preserve your precious memories and important documents so they can live on through generations without facing theft, decay, and loss. Our geo-redundant servers and top-quality encryption provides peace of mind that your history will be protected. Second, we want to help you turn those digital assets into meaningful stories. We provide you with the tools that empower you to become a curator of your family’s history by adding stories and context to photos, personalizing your family’s Homepage, creating your Family Tree, and so much more.

Our team is dedicated to building a robust, easy-to-use platform that serves you and your family. We’re working diligently to roll out new features while continuing to provide the highest standards in security and privacy. Stayed tuned as we continue to release the latest updates!

We offer white-glove service.

Our creative team is here to make capturing your family’s history an enjoyable and memorable experience through top-quality storytelling, digitizing, and organizational services. Our professional personal historians, photographers, videographers, and photo organizers understand the great responsibility of handling your family archives — including stories, photos, and treasured memorabilia. You can’t replace lost memories, which is why we take the utmost care when it comes to every detail of your experience.

We’re committed to family values and legacy.

If you’re looking for an organization that cares about your family values and memories as much as you do, you’ve come to the right place. Preserving the legacy of families is our passion and goal. We aim to provide you with helpful information and resources related to digital storage, legacy planning, genealogy, digitizing, storytelling, and security and privacy.

FamilyArc is the private family archive that adds rich context to your family’s stories, we handle every detail of preserving your history with the utmost care, and we’re passionate about what we do. With a museum-quality family archive at your fingertips, your family’s legacy will be preserved securely for future generations to treasure and enjoy. Get started today! Fill out the form below to request a demo.

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