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Mark Cuban’s Biggest Parenting Anxiety

In a recent interview, Mark Cuban admitted that his biggest parenting anxiety is instilling sound values in his three children.

Among the key lessons he wants to teach his kids are to “think for themselves” and that “money doesn’t fix everything.” He said that while he’s willing to help his children and guide them to learn from their mistakes, they will have to work for the things they want, and he will not buy their way through life. Such a value is not surprising, given Marc’s own entrepreneurial success and business savvy.

The question remains: how can you most effectively instill those values in your children and ensure they are passed down as part of your legacy, even after you’re gone?

As the star of ABC’s “Shark Tank” and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, Cuban has quite a legacy to leave. Yes, he’s a self-made billionaire; but even more important, he’s a devoted father who wants to make sure his children don’t grow up to be “entitled jerks” (his words). The value of money specifically is not something that’s taught in schools, which means that ultimately, it’s up to parents to teach their children how to use and manage it best. This is just one of many important values we as parents want to instill.

It’s those values, along with their memories together, their beliefs, their family traditions, and their personal heritage, that Cuban’s children will treasure most beyond their parents’ lifetimes—perhaps even more than any financial inheritance they’ll receive.

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