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A Flood of Memories Lost to Heavy Rains in West Virginia

More than twenty people have been confirmed dead, and more than thirty-thousand homes and businesses remain without power after what news sources are calling “the nation’s worst flash flooding in years” hit the state of West Virginia late last week. And a flash flood watch continues to haunt the state’s residents days later.

Browse online news sites, and you’ll see devastating photos of the flood’s victims trudging through mud-covered streets, their houses and possessions drowned by more than several feet of murky brown water.

This is one tragic event that many will remember for decades to come. Unfortunately for some, evidence of the happy memories made prior to the floods were forever lost or severely damaged in the wreckage.

The CNN article cited above states that one of the victims, Theresa Candler, “was allowed to return to her home Saturday, or what was left of it . . . Candler and relatives tried to salvage what they could, but even her family photos were covered in mud. Her daughter estimated it could take months to clean up.”

The Charleston Gazette depicts Kathy Bostic sitting on a torn roof “looking through a muddied plastic tote full of family photographs that she rescued from her home along Jordan Creek Road in Elkview.”

“Everything else can be replaced,” Bostic said. “Lives can’t and pictures can’t.”

Though we at FamilyArc were not directly affected by this tragedy, as we pore through news articles and video coverage, we are once again reminded of the importance of preserving life’s precious memories—the moments that contain our history and our future. Together, they make up a living legacy that spans multiple generations.

We are honored to have the privilege of helping families catalog, capture, and celebrate their legacies. Every artifact that gets digitized and uploaded to a family’s archive contains an important story.

It’s those stories that will have a profound impact on our children and grandchildren.

It’s those stories that will change the world.

As you keep the families of West Virginia in your thoughts, we hope you’ll be encouraged to begin the process of preserving your artifacts. Don’t let the boxes of photos in your attic continue to crumble with age—or worse, get swept away by flood rains. Preserve your legacy with FamilyArc today.


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