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Family Life Lessons From Richard Branson

Richard Branson—founder of Virgin Group and one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time—is a proud family man and grandfather of three. To mark his 65th birthday, he decided to take on 65 challenges throughout the coming year and encouraged his followers to submit their suggestions using the hashtag #challengerichard. As the year goes on, he will pick his favorites and share the results, once complete.

One of Branson’s followers, Aaryn Schuster, challenged him with this tweet:

“Family is the most important thing, take some time to write your wife, kids and grand kids a heartfelt letter.”

He took on the challenge eagerly, writing a letter to his grandchildren, highlighting some of his most valuable life lessons. Among them are:

“Do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do…”

“Never betray your dreams for the sake of fitting in. Instead, be passionate about them…”

“Remember to treat others like you would like to be treated…”

“Love and know that you are loved…”

(You can read more of his letter here.)

Richard Branson’s legacy is already being felt by millions. His voice is greatly influential to entrepreneurs and business people around the world. No doubt his grandchildren will look back on his life and appreciate the beliefs and values he instilled in so many. But even more than that, someday they’ll read this letter and know how much their “grand-dude” loved them. They’ll see pictures of themselves with their parents and grandparents, and their legacy will live on for generations. And they’ll be able to pass down the love and heritage they received from their elders to their own children and grandchildren.

But how much more awesome would it be if they could ensure that legacy was preserved securely and privately for generations to come? Branson is a well-known, influential figure, and thanks to the Internet and social media, much of his life is made public. But even celebrities value privacy. What if there was a way for families like his to preserve their most precious memories—their most intimate stories, photos, letters, documents and videos—securely and privately in a digital, museum-quality archive that current and future family members could access?

Out of that question, FamilyArc was born. We have created the tools to help families capture and preserve their legacy for current and future generations to share and enjoy. Inspired by Richard Branson, we’ve also created a little challenge of our own as a way to help you take the first step toward capturing and preserving your own family legacy:

Take the FamilyArc Challenge

Write a letter to the person who means the most to you, and submit it as a comment below this post!

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