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11 Fun Easter Traditions To Try With Your Family This Year

Easter is a great time to reconnect with family and make some new memories. This year, consider recording a few of your unique family traditions and archiving those memories for the future. If you want a little help, FamilyArc can tailor a custom package for you, including the services of professional writers, photographers, and videographers.

Or are you looking for some new Easter traditions? Check out some of the fun and popular ideas below!

Easter Food

Every great Easter celebration includes a good meal—and that means more than Easter candy! Below are some traditional food items as well as fun, kid-friendly snacks.

  1. Hot cross buns have been an Easter tradition for hundreds of years. Traditionally decorated with a cross, these buns are often prepared as a Good Friday breakfast item in England. This basic recipe will provide you with a sweet, warm treat for your Easter weekend.
  2. These Easter chick cake pops are adorable as well as tasty. This is a great treat for a bunch of kiddos with a sweet tooth.
  3. If you’re looking for a simple recipe to try with your kids or grandkids, this Easter egg basket is simple and kid-friendly.

Easter Games

Not sure how to keep a houseful of kids busy on Easter afternoon? Try one of these fun Easter egg games.

  1. This one may be messy, but it’s filled with fun. The Egg Toss requires laughter, raw eggs, and a little hand-eye coordination.
  2. Who doesn’t love a search for hidden treasure? Easter egg hunts are always popular, and turning one into a scavenger hunt with clues or hiding glow sticks inside to make the eggs glow in the dark can only add to the fun. Check out a few other creative Easter egg hunt ideas here.
  3. Either children or adults can enjoy this game of bocce ball with an Easter twist.

Easter Crafts

These Easter crafts make great partners to the Easter games listed above, or they can be made during the days before Easter Sunday in preparation for the holiday.

  1. For years, women and girls wore special bonnets on Easter Sunday to celebrate spring. Continue this Easter tradition by learning how to make your own Easter bonnet here.
  2. A friendly word of appreciation or note of encouragement can go a long way. Help your kids or grandkids make these cute Easter hand print cards to send to relatives who live too far away to join in the celebration.
  3. Easter eggs traditionally represent new life and hope, so it’s appropriate that these eggshell candles can provide light in a dark room. Learn how to make these Pinterest-worthy candles here.

Easter Fests & Parades

Easter is a time for the celebration of new life, spring, and family. What better way to celebrate than with a party?

Easter parades first became popular in the 1880s through the New York Easter parade, a vast spectacle of flowers and fashion. Parades continue to hold a wide appeal today—check to see if a parade is being held in your town.

A number of churches hold Easter fests during Easter week with Easter egg hunts, games, and other family-friendly activities. This can be a great option for young families or for a houseful of out-of-town guests with young children.

Did any of these activities inspire memories of Easter traditions from your own childhood? Share them below—we would love to hear your ideas! Or better yet, write those memories down and share them with your family this Easter.

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