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Celebrate Earth Day 2015 With FamilyArc!

In case you didn’t know, today we celebrate Earth Day 2015! It’s a day observed each year by environmental activists, but this year marks its 45th anniversary. We are excited to join the celebration just a few months following our initial company launch at RootsTech.

At FamilyArc, we are committed to the cause of sustainability. As technology advances, we are determined to move forward with it, which is why we’ve created what we believe to be the very best software platform in the digital archive space.

There are many places where you can store your digital media. From your computer’s internal hard drive to the next big cloud storage platform — there’s no doubt we all have our pick when it comes to digital storage. But we are about much more than a place to dump your things and move on until the next big family reunion.

We’ve created a software platform that allows you to safely, privately and securely store, organize and share photos, videos, documents, stories and more with the people you love, both now and decades into the future. Not only do we seek to further the mission of environmental responsibility by developing a “green” option for archiving your family history; we seek also to further the growth of families by providing a safe, sustainable place to build, store and share your legacy for generations to come.

One of the goals set forth by Earth Day Network is to plant a billion trees worldwide. As we commemorate this day in history, let’s not forget about our family trees. It’s easy to get swept up in genealogy and ancestry. Overwhelmed by dates, facts and figures. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the past that we forget to build the future.

Your family tree is always growing. Keep it evergreen by contributing to the moments and memories that will make an impact on your great-great-great grandchildren for years into the future. Please join us as we celebrate Earth Day 2015 with a few goals of our own for this year and many more. Goals to help individuals and families plant and water their trees, and to further the mission of economic growth through the preservation of people — past, present and future.

Happy Earth Day to you and yours.


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