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6 Baby Shower Gifts To Track Baby Milestones In the 1st Year

Babies reach a lot of milestones in their first year. New parents are often overwhelmed by the task of adjusting to life with a new baby and may not have much time to devote to recording all of those important memories.

I can say from experience that time flies. Before I had my baby, everyone told me not to blink. The first year goes by so fast. And once you throw a second child into the mix, it gets even more difficult. Luckily, there are resources out there to make tracking those major milestones a little easier and less time-intensive.

Here are 6 baby shower gifts to add to your registry if you’re looking for easy ways to track your baby’s milestones in the first year and beyond.

Baby milestones cards

These are available for purchase online or at most baby gift stores. They’re simply cards designed to commemorate various first-year milestones such as baby’s first steps, first solid food, first word, etc. There is usually a blank space to add the date the milestone was achieved somewhere on the card.

Physical cards are really great to have if you’re into scrapbooking or have a baby book with blank pages that you can glue items on. You can also pair the cards with photos and create a milestone board to hang in baby’s room.

A third option is to digitize the cards by scanning them and add them to a digital archive. FamilyArc provides a wonderful, robust software that allows you to digitize, store and share photos, videos, documents and other media in a private, secure, online space. You can even create a digital “time capsule” that your children can open once they reach a certain age.

Baby milestones stickers

These are one of my favorite ways to track milestones, and also very popular among new moms. When your baby reaches a certain milestone, you take the sticker marked with the event (i.e. “I just rolled over”) place it in the center of your baby’s shirt or onesie and snap a photo with your smartphone or camera.

Baby milestones stickers often come in packs of 12, with one sticker for each month of their first year of life, so you can take a photo of your child at each month of growth. They may also include a few bonus stickers to mark certain specific milestones such as, first solid food, the first time they smile, crawl or stand, the first time they clap, or the first time they utter a syllable.

As with the the baby milestones cards, you can take the photos of your baby wearing each sticker and put them in a scrapbook or baby book, hang them in a photo collage frame, or show them off online inside of your private family archive.

Baby milestones book

Also known as the “baby book,” this is one of the most popular baby shower gifts for new moms. Due to our busy lifestyles, it’s also one of the most neglected as well. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

What I love most about the baby book is that it guides you through each milestone in sequential order and asks specific questions about each month of your baby’s life to help you record every important memory with enough detail to make it meaningful once your baby grows up. It asks you questions about the year in which your baby was born, such as, “what were some of the most popular TV shows and movies?”, “who was the president of the United States,” or “what was the price of a gallon of milk or a gallon of gas?” They may sound like trivial questions, but think how fun it will be for your child to look back at their baby book when they’re all grown up and discover what life was like during your generation!

The baby book is also a great place to store your other milestone trackers, like the stickers and cards as mentioned above. Once it’s completely filled out, you can digitize it so you always have a backup online in case something happens to the physical copy. A digital book is also easy to share and pass down to multiple grandchildren once your baby becomes a mom or dad.

Baby shower time capsule

This popular baby shower activity results in a gift that will hold sentimental value for years to come. How it works: each guest at a baby shower fills out the front of a note card with a message for mom and dad to read once their child reaches a certain milestone. The back of the card is left blank so the parents can write about their feelings when the milestone is achieved. Each card is placed in an envelope, which can also hold certain artifacts marking the events, where appropriate. For example, when the child receives his first haircut, the parents may want to save a lock of hair inside the envelope, along with the note card. The same goes for when a child loses his first tooth.

Photo collage frame

As mentioned earlier, a collage frame is a great way to store and display photos marking each milestone from your baby’s first year of life and beyond. Its advantage over the baby book is that it can be hung in baby’s room or in another part of your house for guests to “ooh” and “ahh” over when they visit!

FamilyArc Membership

If you’re interested in digitizing your memories for private storage and easy sharing with multiple family members, a digital archive is the way to go. Through a FamilyArc Membership, you can upload and store just about anything that can be digitized, including photos, videos, audio files and documents in a private, secure, online space.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also write stories right from within the FamilyArc platform, attach media to make those stories more meaningful, and invite other family members to collaborate on your archive through the private virtual conferencing feature (equipped with live chat and webcam functionality). You can even sync your Instagram and twitter feeds and share your Facebook activity on your private Homepage.

Every milestone baby achieves can be kept for life and handed down to future generations even after you’re gone. What’s more, the Private Vault feature allows for the safe, secure storage of sensitive documents, such as marriage & birth certificates and medical records.

You can get started on your family archive today. Click here to schedule a demo.

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