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7 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

My dad is pretty amazing. Last weekend, he busted out his chainsaw and hedge clippers and helped tear down a jungle of weeds at my house. Just today, he asked if he could help me with my car, which has been making a terrifying noise recently.

He loves me by serving me, and he does it really well.

But if your dad is anything like mine, he’s a tough guy to shop for. Not because he’s picky—he just never seems to want or need much. And though I know he’d love more tools or outdoor toys, I haven’t the faintest idea what to get him.

If you’re tired of giving tools and ties to Dad, check out these seven unique Fathers Day gift ideas to get you out of your gift-giving-rut.

1. ENO DoubleNest Hammock: If your dad loves being outside, get him the gift of relaxation with an Eno hammock. These durable camping hammocks are super compact and easy to set up. A DoubleNest is great for lounging, plus there’s room for Mom! And don’t forget the straps—they’re sold separately.

2. An experience: What’s something your dad would enjoy doing but typically wouldn’t buy for himself? Look up some of the best attractions and experiences in his area to see what’s out there. Some ideas include laser tag, go-karts, arcades, amusement parks, museums, sporting events, rock climbing, or cooking classes. Groupon is a huge help for things like this. Get creative!

3. Wood Block + Prints from Artifact Uprising: Pick 12 favorite or recent photos for these square prints displayed in a handcrafted wood block. This is great for Dad’s desk at home or work, and it’s the perfect conversation starter.

4. Gift card to Top Golf: This golfing experience is unlike any Dad’s had before—think cosmic bowling meets the driving range! It doesn’t matter if he’s an amateur or a pro, Dad will be sure to have fun enjoying food and friends at Top Golf. Plus they make delivery super easy with egift cards.

5. A FamilyArc Membership: If you’re looking for a way to honor the legacy Dad has built for your family, a FamilyArc membership is a great way to get started. Ask each family member to write a short story or record themselves talking about a favorite memory of Dad and upload it to your archive. On Father’s Day, you can show him a collection of memories and stories on your family’s Storyline.

6. Hyrdo Flask: If your dad is always on the go, get him a Hyrdo Flask. These vacuum insulated flasks keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. This is a good fit for a dad who loves being outdoors or needs his coffee throughout the day.

7. A meal: You can’t go wrong with some tasty food! Make your dad his favorite meal (plus dessert) and invite him over for dinner. He’ll enjoy the gift of food and time, and he’ll love making memories with you.

Whatever you decide to do, remind your dad how grateful you are for him and let him know you love him. 

Happy Father’s Day!

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