4 Moments to Capture With Your Family This July 4th

On July 4th, we celebrate our freedom as a nation. Many of us will gather with friends and family members to engage in a variety of activities, from the morning parade to afternoon cookouts. We’ll top it all of with an evening fireworks spectacle, perhaps in our neighbor’s backyard or at a local park.

These moments with our loved ones are moments that we’ll want to remember forever. As we celebrate the legacy of freedom, it’s important to take time to capture and celebrate our individual and family legacies as well. What are some of your favorite July 4th traditions? What activities do you look forward to most on this widely observed American holiday? What stories will you tell one year, five years, or ten years from now when you gather to celebrate all over again?

We collectively observe the story of America’s freedom once a year. It’s a story that holds a lot of significance, as it forms the very basis for our identity as a nation: “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Our stories are important. They make up who we are. As you gather with friends and family this holiday, take some time to reflect on what matters most. Capture the traditions that are you unique to you and yours.

Key Moments to Capture on Independence Day:

#1: The kids dressed up in patriotic gear

From striped skirts and swimsuits to star-spangled sunglasses, there’s nothing quite as adorable as seeing your baby covered from head to toe in red, white, and blue!

kids dressed in patriotic clothing

#2: Grilling out with dad

This is one of many father-son teaching moments that both men will look back on years from now and appreciate as an important milestone in their lives. Dads, use this time to not only educate your son on how to cook the perfect medium-rare burger, but also to celebrate your relationship as father and son and to pass down your legacy to the man (or men) who will hold it and pass it down to your grandchildren long after you’re gone.

father and son grilling out

#3: The parade and fireworks spectacle

These are key traditions that most Americans take part in on the fourth of July. Every year brings something different to the mix. Check out this article from Nikon for tips on photographing fireworks.

child at 4th of July parade

#4: A family photo in front of the flag

It’s more than just another family photo. Make it count. Take this moment to really reflect on what and why you’re celebrating. Use this time to engage in important values conversations with extended family members. Is Grandpa a veteran? Use your recorder on your smart phone to capture his stories.

family photo in front of American flag

Experiment with posed and candid shots, as well as videography. We’d love to hear about your family’s unique traditions and celebrations! Click the button below to donate your stories to the FamilyArc Foundation website.


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