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3 Reasons to Move Your Mommy Blog to a Private Digital Archive

Confession: when I’m not busy writing blogs for FamilyArc, I write for my own mommy blog.

I became a blogger before I became a mom, and once I became pregnant, my blog turned into a mommy blog. I use it to write about all kinds of things, but I do have a specific section devoted to “Motherhood,” where I document my daughter’s milestones along with my experiences and struggles as the mom of a 1-year-old.

I have contemplated moving my blog over to my FamilyArc archive, but I haven’t taken the leap yet. Mainly because I don’t just write about motherhood; I write about a lot of other topics and like the idea of my blog being discovered by people who might be searching the web for the things I’m writing about.

But if you’re a mommy blogger, there are some good reasons to consider moving your blog posts over to a private digital archive. Even if you don’t move your whole blog over, you may want to back up some of the content inside of your FamilyArc account.

Reason #1: Privacy

When you publish your content on the web, it’s public, which means anyone may come across it and read it. Your words and photos may be seen by anyone who is searching the web, and if those moments you’re sharing are intimate or private, you may want to keep it that way.

Your FamilyArc archive is kept private, which means only those you designate will be able to see what you choose to store inside it.

Reason #2: Safety

There are plenty of horror stories on the Internet about people using the photos of Instagram users — or their children — to create their own fake accounts. For this reason, a lot of moms have chosen to make their profiles private. But if you blog, you still risk your private photos and thoughts being seen by people you don’t want to see them.

Reason #3: Security

Your blog could randomly go missing one day. Every memory you’ve written and stored on that public platform could disappear for any reason or no reason at all. WordPress or Blogger could go out of business.

As highly unlikely as that sounds, it’s always best to store your memories in multiple places, just in case one of your storage platforms crashes or disappears. In that case, it’s smart to keep copies of those stories most important to you inside of your digital archive.

A FamilyArc Individual Membership comes with 100GB of storage, and it’s geo-redundant, meaning copies of your archive are stored on multiple databases across the country. If something happens to one copy, you’ve got several more back-ups, along with any files that are stored on your personal computer or on any other storage platforms you choose. (And we recommend backing up your data on several different platforms, just in case.)

If you’re a mommy blogger like me, and you want your thoughts to be heard, then perhaps moving your entire blog over to a digital archive is not an ideal option for you. But those memories that are most important to you should be preserved on a safe, secure, private platform, and for that, a FamilyArc membership might be exactly what you need.

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