What matters most?

We believe that by sharing family memories . . .

we connect current and future generations together.

About FamilyArc

Catalog, capture, and celebrate your legacy with our private cloud-based platform. Preserve your stories, photos, videos, and important documents in a secure, museum-quality archive. No more will family letters crumble with age, photos be buried in the basement, or aging parents pass on before their stories are recorded and saved. Share memories—past and present—so your values, beliefs, traditions, and heritage can live on for generations to come.



Our Values

Security & Privacy

Your privacy is our top priority. FamilyArc’s platform is geo-redundant and built with the highest standard of private security to ensure your archive is safe and secure for generations to come. Your archive is only accessible by family members you invite to join, and you maintain the rights to your content. FamilyArc will never mine, share, or distribute your personal data without your permission.


We want to see family members connect across generations—past, present, and future. FamilyArc fosters community and collaboration with your family today while also making it possible for your descendants to hear your stories in your voice, just as though they were sitting beside you at the dinner table.


At FamilyArc, we believe that a family’s history is much more than a collection of dates, facts, and figures. Your legacy resonates with rich descriptions of life’s experiences. It’s real hardship, real heartache, real triumphs, real celebrations. It’s your values, beliefs, contributions to society, and your dreams for the future. We pursue the highest quality in every story, image, and video, so that your family’s legacy will be shared in the most engaging and compelling way possible.

Our Leadership

Mike Stuart

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Brian Patrick Donaghy
Chief Executive Officer

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Chad Meyer
Chief Technology Officer

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Missy Bari
Director of Professional Services

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FamilyArc Foundation

The FamilyArc Foundation is dedicated to sustaining the preservation of family history. We preserve, promote, and share the history and legacy of the family. The FamilyArc Foundation is committed to the collaborative research, presentation, conservation, and continuity of traditional knowledge of family life in the United States and around the world.



FamilyArc is dedicated to helping families preserve their legacy. We believe in the power of partnership toward furthering that mission and are proud to be affiliated with the following organizations.